Roam is a Scandinavian design distributor with adventure at the core of its philosophy. We pride ourselves on the quality of the brands we choose and our collection represents a vast array of influences, styles and cultures from all over the world. By stepping away from the ordinary, the authenticity we seek enables us to add a little spice and bring about a fresh new approach to design.

Curiosity lies at the centre of everything we do, so we are not bound to a design paradigm, an idea or a specific style. Exploration is the key to discovery, so we go out of our way to seek new adventure in search of new brands for our collection using a criteria we truly believe in. 

“Be Passionate” - Passion is what brings ideas from thought to reality. Being passionate isn’t about knowing - it’s about feeling. We use this feeling when searching the world for new brands and choose brands that share our passion for materials, innovation and great design. 


“Create Contrast” - Design is largely an exercise in creating balance through contrast. Light - dark, rough - smooth, small - large. Contrast attracts attention, it gets noticed. We recognise and appreciate the delicate skill in creating contrast and always select brands that catch the eye.

“Get Lost” - To never get lost is to not have fully lived. Being lost enables us to be creative in new ways and opens our minds to new possibilities. We like to get lost in order to find all these new possibilities.