“Never say never…” If anything was certain upon Parachilna’s founding, it was that their products
would be based on semi-noble materials—brass, crystal, marble…materials which nobody in the
field dares approach. But the one product they swore not to touch was plastic, vile and cheap. It
took Partisans, a Toronto-based architecture studio led by Alex Josephson, showing up to slap
some sense into them and make them overcome their prejudice.

Gweilo is a collection whose acrylic sheets are hand-moulded under the heat of an industrial oven, which produces pieces that resemble each other, and yet, are never the same. And so Parachilna has become the home to a great paradox in which plastic, synonymous with mass production, is transformed into the means of producing truly one-of-a- kind pieces. Thank you, Alex. And remember, “Never say never.”